Academic Session Award 2016



In ISAIA 2016, all the presenters of the academic session are candidates for the Academic Session Award. The main objective of this award is to select the potential candidates and encourage them to submit their papers to more established journals, for example the Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE).

During the farewell party, the winners will be announced by the Award Committee. The Award Committee comprises several members of the Steering Committee of AIJ, Japan.



Guidelines for Selection


  1. This award is entitled “ISAIA Academic Session Award.”
  2. The award-winning paper will be selected by the two chairpersons (judges) of each session. All the papers will be graded by the two chairpersons (judges) and one of the papers will be selected by the judges in each session based on their ratings. If a paper is not presented in a session, then the paper cannot be graded by the judges for that session. The two judges are expected to use the score sheet provided by the Award Committee to grade each paper presented in the session.
  3. The judges will bring the completed score sheets to the Headquarters (Room 411, Graduate School of Arts and Letters Building) immediately after the session finishes. The Award Committee will receive them in the Headquarters.
  4. The total score of the two judges constitutes the final score. The award winner is the author(s) who obtain the highest total score in the session. If two or more authors are tied for the highest score, then the Award Committee will decide the winner.
  5. During the farewell party, the Award Committee will announce the winners’ names, the titles of their papers, their affiliation, and the session in which the paper was presented.
  6. The winner is encouraged to submit his or her paper for publication in the Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE).




If the winner submits the paper to the Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE) based on the full-paper for ISAIA 2016, please meet the following points.

  1. The paper should contain original contains by more than 70% newly from the present form.
  2. The acceptance for the publication in JAABE is not guaranteed. All the papers have to pass the normal review process as the other contributors do.
  3. Please carefully refer to the instructions to the authors: