Call for Papers

11th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia

– Resilience and Diversity: Rethinking Asian Architecture for the Next Generation –




(A) Architectural Planning and Design

Keywords: Aging Society, Inclusive Design, Design for Post Crisis, Local Design, Computational Design, BIM/Robot/Advanced Construction Method, Architectural Materiality, Design Method/Workshop/Education, Facility Planning (Schools, Hospitals, residences, etc.)

(B) Architectural History and Theory/Architectural Preservation and Regeneration

Keywords: Historic Building, Historic Zone, Historic Territory, Historic Landscape, World Heritage, Vernacular Architecture, Conservation Method and technique, Alternative technology, Architectural Regeneration, Traditional Housing/Villages, Theory of Architecture, Works of Architect

(C) Sustainable Environmental Design and Technology

Keywords: Area Management, Design for a Shrinking Society, Environmental Technology, Green Buildings, Passive Techniques, Smart Cities & Architecture, Urban Landscape, Zero Energy Houses/Buildings

(D) Urban Planning and Community Design in Diverse Contexts

Keywords: Compact City, Design Survey, Livable Communities, Living Environment, Participation and Education, Public Space and Buildings, Sustainable Communities, Urban Design and Guidelines, Urban Fabric, Urban History, Urban Regeneration

(E) Design and Technology of Building Structures

Keywords: Structural Design, Structural Analysis, Structural Experiment, Structural Intervention, Seismic Diagnosis and Reinforcement, Non-engineered Structures, Historical Structures



Authors are requested to submit an abstract(s). Please send your abstract (maximum 300 words and not exceed one page on the layout of paper size A4), including preferred topic and relevant keyword(s), to the symposium secretariat through the following website. The abstract should contain as a minimum (1) objective(s), (2) methodology, (3) results and discussion, and (4) conclusion(s) (or prospects). The official language for all presentations is English. Oral presentations are limited to one per person.

—- Website for submission:

—- The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 20, 2016.

                                                                —->> April 3, 2016.

—- All abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee of the 11th ISAIA.

—- Notification regarding the abstracts will be announced via e-mail in late April,2016. —>> middle May, 2016



Successful authors will be requested to submit full-papers as follows. Full-papers should be submitted as electronic files in PDF via the website.

—- The deadline for submission of full-papers is June, 2016.

—- Website for full-paper submission: (the submission page will be opened in April, 2016)

—- The length of full-papers is recommended to be 4 pages of A4-size (210 x 297mm). The maximum length of papers should not exceed 6 pages including spaces, figures, tables and references.

—- Notification regarding full-papers will be announced via e-mail in July, 2016.

—- The accepted full-papers will be included in the proceedings of the 11th ISAIA and presented at the symposium.



Submission of Abstract: March 20, 2016

Submission of Full-Papers: June, 2016

Notification of Final Acceptance: July, 2016