The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA) is a biennial International Symposium co-sponsored by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) together with the Architectural Society of China and the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK).

The 11th ISAIA is scheduled to be held on September 20~23, 2016 in Sendai, and hosted by AIJ. The organizing committee of ISAIA welcomes professors, architects, building engineers, researchers and students to take part in the symposium.

‘The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia’ was established to promote communication with people in the rest of Asia and cooperate for the development of 21st Asian architecture and culture in 1986. And the history of it follows as;

 1st ISAIA  Sep. 6-12, 1986 Fukuoka, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan
 2nd ISAIA “Ashian Architecturer in th 21st Century  Sep.8-10, 1998 Kobe, Japan
 3rd ISAIA “Challenges and Roles of Asian Architecture for the New Millennium” Feb.23-25, 2000 Jeju, Korea
 4th ISAIA “Resource Architecture and Modern Technology” Sep. 17-19, 2002 Chongjin, China
 5th ISAIA “Global Environment and Diversity of Asian Architecture” Jun. 1-4, 2004 Matsue, Japan
 6th ISAIA “A+T : Neo-Value in Asian Architecture” Oct.25-28, 2006 Daegu, Korea
 7th ISAIA “Urban Renewal and Architecture Creation” Oct. 15-17, 2008 Beijing, China
 8th ISAIA “Asian ViewOrder and Wisdom for the Future” Nov. 9-12, 2010 Kitakyushu, Japan
 9th ISAIA “Technological Advancements in Architecture” Oct. 22-25, 2012 Gwangju, Korea
 10th ISAIA “Cultural Elements in Architectural Advancement” Oct. 14-17, 2014 Hangzhou, China



Resilience and Diversity-                          :Rethinking Asian Architecture for the Next Generation


The ISAIA is currently conducting a diligent study to prepare for the 11th ISAIA conference.  The main theme for the conference will be “Resilience and Diversity” aiming for comprehensive discussion anticipating the future of the Asia region.

Although 2016 will be the 5th year after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, we are proceeding with the project focus on, not only past incidents and recovery, but also future opportunities. In addition, we are proposing new event such as “Declaration of Sendai” for future development. We look forward to your collaboration with us for this event.