アジア建築交流国際会議2016 学生国際コンペティション

浜の未来 −七ヶ浜の復興をデザインせよ−
The Future of the Seashore Designing for Reconstruction of Shichigahama−

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 The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of the year 2011 had left a catastrophic damage to the wide coastal area of Tohoku region, wiping out not only its architecture, but, along with it, the human activities built upon its long history and the very system that had long supported the economic growth in Japan. Five years has passed since then, and in the area of Shobuta shore in Shichi-ga-hama town, the houses which once stood near the seaside have been moved to the higher grounds, and the enormous tide embankment is being constructed along the local beach, which used to be one of the first public swimming beach to be opened in Japan. Today, in-between the sea and the residential areas, here lies an ambiguous flat-land, with neither any view out to the sea nor connection to the residential area, existing as an enormous, isolated void.

 How can we utilize this void, so that what were once been connected can again find its way to be reunited? For this design competition, we ask the participants to propose ideas that would answer this question, by taking into consideration of the following three key directions; “the revival of the local trade and the introduction of the new industry", "the new node for the city with full of activities" and "the development of the seashore as a tourism resource." In recent years, the increasing number of countries in Asia are suffering from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, and floods, and just like in the case of Shichi-ga-hama, we all face the similar dilemma of the reconstruction, trying to bridge in-between many issues, such as the residential and the sea front, the human scale and the inhuman scale, the hard and the soft, the past and the future, the local and the global. We hope that your architectural proposal would address as many of these issues as possible, and as you will be the ones to face the future of Asia, please make the full use of your experiences and knowledge to come up with the very original and creative solutions.